Full Product Lifecycle Services

Data Flow Automation

Struggling with an aging desktop single-user software that constantly kept breaking down, customer approached us with the scope of replicating the existing product in a newer technology and improved performance.

Our team reviewed the current product, and proposed a solution that is more than replacement of the existing one without cost bloat. Team sat down with the QA R&D team to understand the data flow and arrived at the product definition & screen designs.

End result is a browser based solution enabling multiple users to work with alerting mechanism at production line, enabling just-in-time interventions. Optimized flow saved great amount of production time wasted in waiting on test results from R&D section.

Idea To Market

Consumer App

Budding enterpreneur based in the US approached us to help implement dining reservations at fingertips idea and launch the app. Cost-benefit was primary reason.

Our team reviewed the idea, suggested development approach, sat down on the visual design, developed prototype for user testing, identified right technology for development, payment gateway and social media integrations, hosting needs and issue alerting model.

The hybrid app developed enabled customer go live with the app available both on mobile devices as well as desktop browsers, in four weeks and within budget.

Full Product Lifecycle Services

Billing Solution

Customer was working in partnership with another company for launch of their water metering solution. Close to launch they realized that the billing solution was somehow missed out from scope definition and were strugging to close that piece out.

Our team dived into the requirements, clarified the solution, worked out dependencies on existing systems, designed clean interfaces for data flow and pulled together a quick implementation.

While we started late, our implementation was ready in time and we were waiting on other pieces to be ready for launch! Customer was saved the blues and was able to get the end-to-end solution out in the market.

Full Product Lifecycle Services

Payroll Prep System

Customer was in the business of hospitality services deploying staff at various sites as needed. The needs for perparing payroll for staff is complicated as it has to comply with vendor contracts, varied compensation structure and compliances. Existing custom desktop solution was unsupported and difficult to work with.

Our team, through a series of meetings, understood the customer pain, compliance requirements, designed screens and arrived at an optimized data flow screens. This was implemented as a web-app locally deployed.

The browser based, multi-user solution enabled them to work without worry of machine upgrades and improved the productity of payroll team.

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